Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quick, painless, shameless plug

Just a quick note here, then on to the regularly scheduled programming.

Due to the "economy," I was informed last Thursday afternoon that my company was "restructuring" and "reducing the workforce by 10%." Unfortunately, that meant laying off three out of the four highest paid employees in my department (I was the 4th highest, interestingly enough, something I wasn't aware of).

Anyway, while it stings and I am very sad to leave some wonderful coworkers whom I feel like I've become very close to over the last two years, I am ready to move on and am hitting the ground running. I have proverbially gotten my ducks in a row and am anxious to get back to work.

If anyone in the Boise, Idaho area is hiring and would like to contact me, they may through this site. They may also visit my Twitter page, my Linkedin profile, or my Google page which contains more information about me.

But, after having this shock occur to me, I want to offer a cyber pat on the back of solidarity to anyone else who has had job troubles because of this economic situation.

Anyway, all I ask for is good thoughts sent into the universe for me and I will do the same for anyone who asks. Good luck, I know I am very excited about the next step in my life, this happened for a very, very good reason.