Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Support World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day, as the banner above clearly indicates. I think there is a lot of prejudice and closed-mindedness when it comes to HIV and AIDS. While I'm not extremely knowledgeable on the subject, I do know that HIV and AIDS is spreading worldwide. In fact, according to the World AIDS Day Website, 33 million people all over the world are HIV positive, including 2 million children.

Obviously, this is a problem and if everyday people like you and me do not show our support and spread awareness, it's only going to get worse. Check with the World AIDS Campaign website to find local/regional events and more news and information. If you're interested in starting your own local campaign, check this out. Check with your local community centers, LGBT groups, or women's/diversity/cultural center on campus.

So please, take the time (any day of the year) to visit the World AIDS Day website for more information to educate yourself or to find out how you can help stop this worldwide epidemic.