Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Does it Work: Orange Glo

The Product

Orange Glo, an "As Seen on TV" product pitched by the late, great Billy Mays. The product's claim is that if you use this on your floors it will eliminate scratches and leave your hardwood floors looking like new.

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The Process

I bought this product (and the special mop) because when I moved into my house, my landlord was very adamant that I keep the original wood floors in pristine condition. The result of that was me being totally paranoid about any tiny scratch. So, when I saw a few big scratches on the floor, I decided to pick up this product.

I used it as the directions suggested, squirting and mopping and scrubbing. The floor looked great and just like the commercial...

...until the product dried. Then I could see the scratches in all their scratchy glory, staring at me and mocking my attempts to eradicate them.

The Result

This product did clean my floors. It did not smell like oranges, it actually smelled kind of gross. I did not see any changes in the scratches on the wood floor after the product dried. The results were the exact same I have when I mop with water and vinegar.

The Grade

D, it did a good job of cleaning the floors, but not for the scratches.