Thursday, April 15, 2010

April (Part Two)

Tuesday's blog talked about April being Child Abuse Awareness Month. Today's blog is about April also being Animal Abuse Prevention Month.

Animal cruelty is everywhere. Factory farms, puppy mills, hoarders, and animal testing are only a few. However, there is one area of animal cruelty that can be spotted and prevented by anyone. The easiest type of animal cruelty to detect and report is neglect and abuse. There are usually three groups of people who are guilty of animal abuse: people who don't understand they're hurting an animal by providing inadequate shelter, food, or water; young people who don't understand the consequences of their actions such as rough petting or kicking an animal; and then there are people who harm animals intentionally by making them fight, beatings, or merely harming an animal to gain power.

Fortunately, the third group is rather rare. But it is important that animal abuse become a felony everywhere to show people that it is not okay to hurt an animal, just like it is not okay to harm a person. Please write your local congresspeople if your state is not one of the ones that makes animal cruelty a felony.

The other two groups are much more common. Fortunately, these people usually do not understand what they are doing or why it is wrong. The most important tools for preventing animal abuse and cruelty are standing up and education. If you see animal abuse (or suspect it because of these signs) either call the person out (if it is safe to do so) and explain to them that they are hurting their animal or call in the authorities. Usually the local police can either send someone out or can contact a local humane society or the proper authorities. Please use the following resources to help educate yourself and others.

The ASPCA has a Go Orange campaign to create awareness about animal abuse and has some tips on how an individual can Go Orange or check out the Go Orange events or host one yourself.


Remember, if we don't speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, who will?