Thursday, October 14, 2010

A phone that can do what?! Am I the only one?

After three years with my good ol' Razr I finally decided it was time to upgrade to something a little bit better. I stopped by my local AT&T store to see what they had to offer. Of course I was bombarded with smartphones and things with QWERTY keyboard and MP3 players and I'm pretty sure a few that could make the user invisible.

Well, okay, maybe not invisible, but it seemed like that.

When we were finally helped by a sales rep I think I made him a little depressed when I said I wanted a phone that did one really cool thing: make a phone call. I didn't want to check my e-mail or listen to music or video chat or send unlimited texts. Maybe make myself invisible, but that's it. I also said the words every sales rep dreads. I wanted a free upgrade to my phone. We finally ended up with phones we'd had our eyes on last year, Samsung's A777. Mine is blue and it's the cutest little slider phone ever. The one upgrade that I love is that it has a memory stick and I can make and upload my own ringtones with Phone Zoo.

But here's the thing. Am I the only person in the world who wants a phone that makes phone calls? I'm not that old, but I don't need some super-sophisticated piece of technology clunking around in my purse. I'm also not so young that I need to IM or chat and I really have no patience to read the Internet on a 2.5"x1" screen.

Now, I blog and Facebook and Myspace and Twitter, but I have zero desire to do that from my phone. Perhaps we're just a little too plugged in, eh? For example, when Facebook went down people blew up Twitter instead. Mayhaps the next time that happens we should all just take our cell phones outside, get some sunshine and maybe make an old-fashioned phone call.