Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Special Word: The Humanitarian Bowl

It's the midst of College Football Bowl season, so I wanted to take a special blog post to talk about the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl taking place at Bronco Stadium (on the infamous "Smurf Turf") in Boise, Idaho today at 2:30 local time on ESPN.

This is a relatively small bowl game, this year pitting a MAC (Mid-American Conf.) team against a WAC (Western Athletic Conf.) team. However, what makes it special is that my Alma Mater Idaho is going to be playing in a bowl game for the first time in....well, about 10 years.

I've talked before about the Vandals' problems with players (some had trouble with the law), coaching (a revolving door until Akey came along), and winning (very seldom). This year they've gone 7-5, which could have been better, but is such a huge improvement over last year, where they won, I think, 3 games. The thing about being a fan is that you hurt with the losses, but sticking with your team makes the winning so much sweeter (as opposed to those fans who jump on a "bandwagon" and become fans because a team is winning), so for Vandal fans everywhere, this is a long time coming.

Both Idaho and Bowling Green are already in town and the bowl festivities have commenced including a bowling tournament for charity (good job, BG!).

I want to say good luck to both teams, but I really want to say...


It's exciting for all of the Idaho alumni here in Boise to be able to see our team (instead of our rivals) and in a bowl game nonetheless.

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