Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogs I'm loving

In today's blog, I am featuring three excellent blogs/websites that I regularly keep up with. Now, I keep up with tons of blogs thanks to Google Reader, but these three are great and the authors are pretty awesome, too! You can also follow these links and others by checking out the "Links I'm Loving" section on the sidebar.

Photo courtesy of Morning Gorgeous

Morning Gorgeous is a great catch-all blog. The maintainer, Katy, is such a sweet person with an eclectic taste, which is definitely reflected in her blogs. Morning Gorgeous features video clips, quotes, links, pop culture, how-tos, and advice about whatever catches Katy's fancy. It's completely fascinating to see things the way she does and somehow she creates entertaining blogs that are a mix of prose, photos, and old school charm.

Photo courtesy of Fat Anchor

Fat Anchor is a new website created by news anchor Nate Kuester to document his weight loss journey. Since I've started on a similar (although not as intense) journey as Nate, I've found his words and videos inspiring and cannot wait for more content. Fat Anchor (hopefully soon to be Fit Anchor) is an interesting journey of not only weight loss, but also feeling good about the way you look. So many people lose weight to look like people on TV or in magazines, but Fat Anchor really hits it home when he says that the "site is dedicated to empowering anyone to action who wants to live and feel better." (Click here to follow Fat Anchor on Twitter)

Photo courtesy of Hello Ross

If you haven't heard of Ross Mathews, you probably live under a rock. Ross is hilarious and inspiring. You may recognize him as Ross "The Intern" from The Tonight Show. He is the biggest blogger I know, and he has a huge following of blog buddies. Hello Ross is so funny, real, and endearing that features little snippets, photos, and talky blogs from Ross's surreal life in LA. He is a real person living in LA and so some of his experiences seem a bit surreal, but it's so exciting to see the fancy Hollywood lifestyle by someone as real as Ross; Hello Ross is positively addictive! (Click here to follow Ross on Twitter).

Photo courtesy of Geek Girl

Geek Girl Knows is a great blog run by Daria, former coworker of above-mentioned Ross. She is super smart and super awesome. I love reading her posts because not only does she know way more than me in the tech department, but she's proof that girls can be smart and good looking. Geek Girl also does live blogcasts on Ustream which are so great to watch and participate in the chats. Geek Girl Knows is definitely a great resource to keep up to date on new gadgets and how-to. (Click here to follow GeekGirl on Twitter.)


Anonymous said...

Your feature on my blog gave me a much-need huge smile! It really made my day, heck my week!! Thank you so much!
I love Ross and didn't know he had a blog. I'm definitely going to check it out his blog and the others. =D

Melissa said...

Yay, Katy! I'm glad I could help. I actually wrote this blog a few weeks ago, it was just sitting in the queue waiting to go. All of these blogs are great and are set in my Google Reader.