Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things I love

I love gadgets that make life just a little bit easier. That's why I wanted to share them with the whole world. While I'm not Oprah and cannot offer free goodies, I'll let you know where you can pick these things up for yourself. And, don't worry, they're all good for people on a budget, which who isn't?

Black & Decker Brew 'N' Go - $24.00 Amazon.com
I got my Brew 'N' Go from my aunt before I went to college. It was the best thing I'd ever gotten and I still use it almost every day. The cup is a travel mug with a lid and it makes the best hot drinks. It heats the water super fast for tea or cocoa or any hot drink, or you can use the filter-less basket for a quick cup of coffee. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and I could never drink a whole pot, so an individual cup is perfect.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Rotary Slicer - $19.99 Amazon.com
Unfortunately, my rotary grater is no longer being made. However, I have found some great substitutes that seem to work just as well. These graters allow you to grate more in less time, but without all of the space of a box grater or food processor. I use mine for nuts, cabbage, zucchini, cheese, ect. The graters come with both coarse and fine drums depending on what you want to shred.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

The Tingler - $18.99 Amazon.com
The best product ever! While it may look like a large metal spider and sound like something dirty, it is none of the above. Have you ever wondered why dogs and cats love their heads scratched? Because it feels great and is so relaxing. The Tingler is a head massager that will give you....tingles down your spine. No lie. While it works the best when you've got a buddy administering the tingles (I think it's the fact that you'll never know when the tingles will happen), it's easy to administer yourself and you may just become addicted.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Heated Massage Mat $29.99 Amazon.com
This little creation is fantastic. After a day of working out or just working, your back can get a little tight. This mat not only offers massage therapy, it is also heated, which helps relax those tight muscles. You can set it up on any chair or couch, or you can even use it lying down. It's remote-controlled so you can have a heated massage, heat with no massage, or a massage with no heat. It's small and easy to store as well.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com