Thursday, January 14, 2010

Offbeat Gadgetry

Technology has created some of the coolest, most useful, most useless, fun, and important gadgets of all time. Here is a list of just a few that are slightly out of the ordinary.

Finger Drums - $24.99
A lot of people strum their fingers on their desk, but why not make it more exciting and more musical? Finger drums have five different touch-sensitive sites to make sounds from snare drum to crash symbol. The best part? Record your riff and play it back later!

E-Plate Scrolling LED License Plate Frame HSN and stores nationwide $39.99
Who hasn't driven in traffic and wished to tell the guy behind you to stop tailgating or to try your products? Now it's totally possible. The E-Plate is extra cool because it comes with a remote control!

Multi-Color LED Bulb w/ Remote $34.99
LED bulbs have become more popular because of their extended life. This bulb fits into a regular light bulb socket, but it does so much more. Cycle through 16 colors and 4 transitional effects. All with the touch of the remote. A nice novelty, holidays, or everyday use.

LED Faucet Lights $19.99
This gadget makes the water coming out of your faucet look super futuristic. The LEDs change color with the water temperature - red for hot and blue for cold. The best thing about this product is that it can be really useful as a night light. Now you can get up and go to the bathroom or get a glass of water without having to turn on the harsh overhead lights.

Washable Mouse $8.75 (on sale)
It's flu season, and people who work in offices are quite susceptible to germs and colds because of the shared work spaces. Once I needed a coworker's help even though she was sick. She sat down at my computer, coughed into her hand and then used my mouse. I wish I would have had this product - a washable mouse! This optical mouse is soap and water safe and also features a touch button scroll feature.
(They also now make washable keyboards)

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt $19.99
A lot of places now offer free wi-fi, but instead of pulling out your laptop to check for a connection, wouldn't it just be easier to look down? ThinkGeek has created this working wi-fi detector shirt that shows the connection strength and features a removable decal and battery pack.

DX1 Input System Customizable Keyboard $139.99
This is the ultimate keyboard for the ultimate gamer. This keyboard features blank keys and labels so that you get to customize your keyboard the way you want it. This comes in especially handy for computer gamers who want the edge over their online opponents.


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely buy the finger drum set if I had the cash! =D