Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Links: So Much Cute!

Most people I know have a serious soft spot for animals. And who could resist? They're cute, they're (mostly) cuddly, and totally lovable. Nothing makes me happier on a cranky day than to take a peek at some seriously cute animal pictures.

Today's Link-tacular features a few of the links that I visit regularly to get my cute animal fix. Feel free to add your own, there's never too much cute!

The Daily Kitten features one (or two) kittens each day. It's like a virtual cat-a-day calendar!

The Daily Bunny is just like The Daily Kitten, but with adorably fluffy bunnies.

CuteOverload is a fantastic site and probably one of the most famous. The stories and community feel of this site are just fabulous. The brightness of the site will also snap anyone out of the worst funk. You can also pick up the CuteOverload page-a-day 2010 calendar at your local calendar retailer or from Amazon.

Stuff on My Cat is another great community for cat lovers. Oh and with fantastic pictures as well.

Daily Puppy is for all you puppy fans out there that cannot get enough wet noses, tails, and playing fetch.

The Daily Cute offers a variety of interspecies cute!