Thursday, January 7, 2010

TV you may not be watching

Most television shows are on a hiatus at the moment, which can be frustrating. However, I think of it as a time to find other shows to watch or to even catch up on episodes I've missed thanks to Hulu and Here are a few shows that you may not even know you're missing.

  1. FlashForward - I already made a post about the book the series is based upon, but this show is pretty awesome. Something caused the entire human race to black out for less than 2 minutes. During this time people saw glimpses of their "futures" 6 months in advance. Some were disturbed, some gained hope, some had no visions at all. How would you react to knowing where you'd be six months from now? You can catch FlashForward Thursdays on ABC when it returns March 4th. You can also catch up on what you've missed at
  2. V - This is actually a remake of a series from the early '80s. Aliens have come to Earth under the pretense of wanting minerals. They have advanced technology and have offered to help make Earthlings' life better. Everyone seems to trust them, except a small group of humans and Vs called The Resistance. What are the Visitors' plans and can they be stopped? V returns to ABC Tuesday nights starting on March 30th. To catch up on the first four episodes, head over to
  3. Fringe - Hopefully everyone is watching Fringe. It's one of those shows that cannot be described without the words "you have to see it to believe it" and a mention of JJ Abrams. Homeland Security has come upon some very strange cases that can only be solved with the help of Walter Bishop a famous scientist who was just let out of an insane asylum. There's a war coming between to universes and if Agent Olivian Dunham, Walter, and others can't stop it, their universe may be destroyed. It's just an all around mindfreak of a show. Fringe airs Thursdays on FOX (the hour after FlashForward!) You can see the episodes from this season and from the first season here, you really must see it from the beginning!
  4. Destination Truth - A great show hosted by and starring Josh Gates. He and his team are on the search for the truth about things like Yeti, a haunted doll island, the skunk ape, and King Tut's Tomb. The show is fun to watch as the crew tries to gather evidence to prove or disprove claims about certain unexplained phenomena/things. Like any reality type show, the authenticity has been questioned, but regardless, this show is full of interesting things, places, and people. The crew always takes the time to get to know the local culture and check out the local modes of transportation, and Josh Gates' silly sense of humor. Destination Truth returns with new episodes on SyFy in March, so keep an eye out. Older episodes can be seen at
  5. Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - A new series hosted by the Governor (and former wrestler) Jesse Ventura. He is seeking the truth to several conspiracy theories including Big Brother, global warming, and 9/11. Very interesting stuff and although I don't agree with everything he investigates, it gives the viewer another point of view to consider and people cannot have too much information. The show airs Wednesday nights on TruTV. A quick Google or YouTube search can provide you with the episodes that have already aired. TruTV also airs reruns late Sunday afternoons.