Thursday, March 11, 2010

Link-tacular - Job Hunting

Today's Link-tacular is less fun and more practical. I've made it no secret that I'm currently looking for work. A daunting task no matter what the economy is like. Unfortunately, the economy is not good and unemployment rates are high. Job hunting has definitely gotten high tech in the last few years. It seems like every employer lists job openings online and prefer paperless applications and resumes. That's why today's Link-tacular is featuring some job hunting resources that might help someone out there get a job.

Before we continue, though, I want to issue a warning. There are so many people job hunting and so many people are being scammed into giving out personal information. These scammers are taking advantage of the precarious job market and posting fake job postings. All they want is your e-mail address or phone number to sell, some places just want to sell you something. If you feel you have been scammed, please contact your phone provider to block the number that may be harassing you, the FTC, or your local BBB. Remember to never, ever give out your Social Security Number, credit card number, or bank information to any one that you may feel uneasy about. Oftentimes your gut reaction is the correct one. Even if the job sounds perfect for you, if some sort of bell is going off in your head, run the other way! Also, educate yourself by reading this great MSNBC article.

Myself and two other people nearly fell victim to a website called CareerNetwork. They claim to be legitimate, but you can search CareerNetwork Scam in Google and see for yourself.

Here is a list of websites that I trust enough to perform my own job search:

  • CareerBuilder A comprehensive website with a great search. However, you may have to sift through some spam/work from home jobs. They may try to charge you to get your resume seen more often. I've never done this, so I don't know how effective it may be.
  • Indeed Another comprehensive site that pulls job listing from all over the web.
  • SimplyHired Very similar to Indeed.
  • RegionalHelpWanted Use this page to search for a local job board. I have actually gotten a job from this site before.
  • Monster A site similar to CareerBuilder. I did have a bad experience about three years ago, they said some of my information had been compromised, so I deleted my account. I think their security has gotten better and I have started using the site once again.
  • HotJobs Hosted by Yahoo, there is a lot of spam, but a some good jobs as well.
  • USA Jobs A job board for government jobs.
  • HireSpin Another option, I haven't had a lot of luck, but someone in a bigger market may.
  • College-Site Another option. I have not had a lot of luck, but again someone in a bigger market may have more luck.
  • Any Local Businesses That May Have a Website Most businesses prefer online resumes and applications, so this is a good place to start to see if they're hiring.
  • Local Universities They are often looking for administrative or janitorial workers.
  • Your University May Offer a Job Board for Former Students This may give a job seeker an advantage, since these employers are looking for college students or grads and may not have posted their job listing anywhere else.
  • City/County Websites Often list city or county jobs, which can be lucrative.
  • Your Local Department of Labor Most departments of labor offer online job searches. These offer no spam and a lot of job openings.
Good luck and happy job hunting!