Thursday, May 13, 2010

Linktacular: Great Websites

Today's blog features five great websites of which you might not be aware. These sites are informative, fun, or just plain weird. Which is a good thing because, really, with the infinite space on the World Wide Web, why not get a little interesting.

Citrify - A great online photo editing site. It's free and doesn't take up space on your hard drive. Sure, it isn't as comprehensive as other programs, but for what's provided, it's a great site.

Slightly Warped's Curiosities - I told you this list might get a little weird. Slightly Warped is unique site, but my favorite part is their Curiosities section. This section features a lot of bizarre and funny images pulled from all over.

World-Mysteries - Ever wonder about the Moai of Easter Island? Or maybe you're curious about the Baghdad Battery? World-Mysteries compiles articles on all things strange.

So You Wanna - Pretty much everyone learned how to read, but did you learn how to read tea leaves to predict the future? I thought not. So You Wanna takes over where public education leaves off.

InterfaceLIFT - For any computer user, desktop wallpaper defines who you are or what your interests might be. But the search for the perfect backdrop leaves you sorting through pages and pages of weird and lame images that aren't exactly what you're looking for. InterfaceLIFT has a the most organized search function to minimize the time spent finding the perfect wallpaper so you can get back to what's important, FaceBook....erm....I mean that big report that is due tomorrow.