Thursday, May 20, 2010

Linktacular: More Greate Websites

Yes, it's back! Another list, this time of six websites that will make your life better. That's right, better. Will it give you riches? No... Power? Not exactly... Fame? ...Probably not. But they will expand your mind just a tad and really, that's all you need, right?

Mentalfloss - A great collective of some of the strangest facts. You will amaze your friends, boss, coworkers, and family members.

Easter Egg Archive - Ever wonder if those nerds who create movies, DVDs, and software get bored and add a little something extra in their work? Well, they do and Eegg has a comprehensive archive.

Crackle - Did you miss your favorite show because the power went out or maybe you had something better to do? Couldn't find it on Hulu or the station's website? Have no fear, Crackle is coming to the rescue!

PDFgeni - If you're like me, you might buy things second hand or on clearance because it was a model piece. One of the problems of saving a bit of cash is that you might not get all the pieces, including the manual. Check out PDFgeni and you might figure out which button is power and which button is self-destruct.

Good-Tutorials - Want to enhance your skill set by learning HTML or how to edit a photo? Short on cash and want to go at your own pace? Excellent! Click on over to Good-Tutorials and make your brain bigger.

My Outer Space
- Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy fans rejoice! My Outer Space is a social networking haven and, get this, William Shatner helped create the site. Yes, Captain Kirk himself.