Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maintainer's Post

Hi! *Waves*

As you can tell, I have a lot of interests and I have thought that by rotating the contents of the blog it would not get stale and would be sort of new each week. I still believe that and I at least enjoy the randomness as that is kind of my personality.

So I really wanted to check in and see how that format's working.

I have been having a difficult time coming up with posts sometimes, so sorry for that. I am thinking that if that's the case, then maybe I should cut back to one post a week. I haven't really decided, though.

Also, I had originally decided not to personalize the blog very much, but sometimes that's unavoidable. I find it happening more and more, so if may be something that becomes somewhat permanent (actually, you'll see that in Thursday's blog, heh heh).

Summer is coming soon, so there may be some new, exciting posts. I'll see what I comes to mind. My sporadic ideas of inspiration are one reason why I'm not a professional writer - I would probably starve to death.

So, I just wanted to say, "Hey there" and make a post about what's been going on. But, this post seems kind of boring, so...let's jazz it up a bit. Here are a couple shots of the beautiful city of trees:


Anonymous said...

Hey! I like how your blog is going! I like that it follows your interests and the content isn't constricted to a few subjects. It's fun and unique! =D