Thursday, August 19, 2010

TV Time

Now, like most television watching couch potatoes out there, I find myself completely lost when the shows I watch go on hiatus (or *gasp* get cancelled). Fortunately, some brilliantly brilliant person came up with some new shows airing over the summer. That has been enough to satisfy me, but what I really wanted to see was another season of Pitchmen. I know it will never, ever be the same since the loss of the wonderful booming voice, smiling bearded face, and blue shirt of the late, great Billy Mays, but I have been anxious to see what his son Little Billy and Anthony Sullivan could do for the direct response industry.

Fortunately my wait is over! It's been over a year since the season one finale and I am certain I am not the only one who is excited to see this show returning! So, the point of today's post is to remind everyone that Pitchmen season two premieres TONIGHT on Discovery. Check your local listings, but for those of us in the Mountain time zone the show starts at 7pm.

Need to catch up? Pick up season one on DVD.

Note: I am not a natural pitchperson and I am not being compensated in any way to endorse this show, but really check it out, it's so interesting.


Karen said...

Pitchmen ended up being my favorite show, WE ALL have waited entirely too long to see it come back. I simply cannot wait.

I'm actually throwing a "Twitter"-chat party tonight during the show. If you want details, I'm @missxkaren on Twitter and I'll be sharing where we'll have the chat at.

I'm very excited!!!

Melissa said...

Karen, sorry I missed your comment, but I am so excited for Pitchmen tonight!